Our Classes

Our classes run on Saturdays and are classified as follows: Tumblers, Springer’s, Flyers, and Twisters. The ages associated with the classes are for a rough guideline only. All our gymnasts are assessed at regular intervals and as their abilities develop they will have the opportunity to move on to the next class.

We test for Little Giants Gymnastics Badges each term and we hope to introduce the British Gymnastics Badges later on in the year. Our badges are based on strength and conditioning, both of which are essential for aspiring gymnasts.

Boys Recreational Classes Now On!

Our boys  fully structured recreational gymnastics classes are based on a progression learning system, emphasizing safety and success while having fun. Your child will be guided through step by step skill progressions and specific drills/exercises, providing the opportunity to effectively achieve and refine gymnastics skill, while progressing from beginner to advanced levels.

Boys Recreational Classes are offered for three age groups:

Junior Boys: ages 5 to 7 years // Boys Gymnastics: ages 8 to 14 years // Boys Advanced Gymnastics: ages 7 to 14 years

Level 1 – Tumblers

Our tumblers class is the entry level gymnastics class for our younger athletes. In this class students are introduced to basic gymnastic, at the end of the tumblers level the gymnast should have the following skill sets:

  • Balancing
  • Rolling
  • Co-ordination
  • Jumps

Gymnast will also be introduced to different gymnastic equipment’s and how to use them.


Level 2 – Springers

This level develops the basic skills learnt in the tumblers class. Skills attained after this level include:

  • Stretches
  • Backwards Rolls
  • Balances

Gymnast will be able to participate in partner work and group activities.


Level 3 – Flyers

At this level gymnast develop their intermediate skills such as:

  • Hand Stands
  • Round Offs
  • Splits
  • Jumps
  • Bridge kick overs somersaults on apparatus

This level is all about consolidating progressions into skills. The classes are much more structured, and there are drills to help children find their true gymnastic potential.


Level 4 – Twisters

This class is designed to set the gymnast on a path of discovering real potential in the sport. The classes are structured and designed to increase:

  • Skill
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Stamina

Gymnast work on all skills learnt from previous levels and are able to participate in floor and vault competitions.